Isaachar Teaching Letter

Vol. 5, Issue 1

Follow the Cloud, not the Crowd!

There are times in life when a crowd is fun, even electric; like attending your favourite sporting event. Yet at other times, it can be deadly. Amazing that, with all the talk about leadership, it seems that people are becoming more like sheep than shepherds. Yet, in this crazy, confused world, we need to lead the way more than ever. The prophetic voice is given to help get us back on track.

Revival: The Only Solution

The world today is heading into deeper and uncharted waters. We face some incredibly complex problems. Some of these seem almost unsolvable. View the tab to see these challenges.

Word Wise: Time to ‘Watch’

When we trade in our state of sleep, what are we to do instead? It is to watch. This is a command — a frequent command. The New Testament tells us to “watch and pray” 4 times, “watch and be sober” 2 times, and to simply “watch” 12 times. The word for “watch” is grégoreó (Greek: γρηγορέω). Translated, or used metaphorically, ˜watch” means ˜to give strict attention, be cautious, active, to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtakes one.

Upcoming Holy Land Tours


1. WORD OF GOD: To help you learn more about
God and His Word. The land of the Bible becomes the
2. LIVING STONES: Interact with local people, and
3. RECREATION: Enjoy the time of your life.

Follow the Cloud, not the Crowd!


  1. Lack of a Shepherd
  2. Lack of Depth
  3. Idolatry
  4. Being Wrong


When the cloud lifted and moved on, the Israelites picked up their stakes and moved on.
Wisdom decreed that they not run ahead of God, nor remain stationary when God was on the move.

Do not move unless God says so;

One high-profile Christian leader once said that he would happily trade in all the trappings of success just to have the presence of God. This man has his priorities right!

Revival: The Only Solution

Below are the issues tackled why there is a need for revival.

  1. The Arab Spring
  2. Global Hotspots
  3. Public Health and Pandemics
  4. Cultural Civil War
  5. Debt Bomb

In light of the above, Teach All Nations has initiated what is called ˜Holy Spirit Prayer Retreats” for the purpose of revival. These include pointers on what is happening in the world and society, tips on praying for revival, and then a generous amount of prayer time “in the Spirit and in the understanding” (I Corinthians 14:15?). We urge all concerned praying Christians to make it a point to pray for revival in the western world. By doing so, you become part of God’s solution.