Your Early Warning Service (YEWS)

This is a public meeting, often hosted in churches, focusing on current events in the Middle East in the light of God’s Word. It seeks to provide a practical yet prophetic ‘early warning system.’ Early warnings save lives and souls.

Past topics have included:

  • Endgame Armageddon: The Middle East in Focus
  • The European Union, the Middle East, and the Last Days
  • Israel, Iran, and the Last Days
  • Jerusalem, the World’s Epicentre
  • Egypt, Israel, and the Middle East in Crisis
  • Iraq, What Does the Future Hold?
  • Turkey, Israel, and the End of Days
  • The Arab Spring, Israel, and the Last Days
  • Wars & Rumours of Wars: Is A Middle East Showdown Imminent
  • The Battle for Jerusalem
  • The Big ‘I’: Iran, Iraq, Islamic State, and Israel

 Since 2008, YEWS has been held in Melbourne, Wangaratta, Brisbane, Perth,
Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and United States.

If you would like to host YEWS in your area, please contact our office.