On the Edge: Atomic Iran, Israel, & The Last Days?

The Middle East is the crucible of world events; add to the volatile cocktail Iran and its nuclear ambitions, and you have the all-the makings of the ‘perfect storm.’ The Islamic Republic of Iran, founded in 1979, has been at the forefront of the Islamic revolution, which has shaken the Muslim and non-Muslim world alike. Much of the instability in the region can be traced back to Tehran.

Iran regularly predicts the imminent demise of Israel. The Jewish state consistently warns of the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program to itself and the world. Now that a nuclear agreement has been signed with the Obama Administration and P5 +1, will it lead to stability? Or to war?

How does the larger picture of today’s Middle East affect the world? In this fascinating series, Kameel Majdali takes you behind the scenes so you can understand the following:

  • Why are Iran, Israel, and the Middle East so important;
  • Is the bellicose speech coming from Iran towards Israel a re-run of
  • Haman in the Biblical Book of Esther?
  • What is currently happening in Iran, Israel, and the Middle East?
  • What is the likelihood of success with the Iran nuclear deal?
  • Is there anything found in Bible prophecy?
  • How can you face the future with confidence?

The goal in this message, along with the entire series from ‘Your Early Warning Service’
(YEWS), is to help you to ‘understand the times’ so you will know what to do. I Chronicles 12:32