Be Strong and Courageous : Understanding the Book of Joshua


Be Strong &Courageous: Understanding the Book of Joshua gives you thorough coverage of its 24 chapters and 658 verses. Combine the audio MP3 teaching with 124 pages of printable PDF notes, you will have a greater understanding how the Book of Joshua applies to our lives today.

The Book of Joshua will change your life! And this series can help

Format : Digital Download – Audio MP3 with printable PDF notes


BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS : Understanding the Book of Joshua

Despite so much talk about ‘leadership’ today, there is a curious absence of its most important character quality: courage. Without courage, you cannot go forward, overcome obstacles, suppress fear, and make it safely to your destination. In short, without courage, you cannot lead. Remember that courage is not bravado, bullying, biceps, or bluster. Courage is the mastery of fear, a steeling determination to go forward, to take one’s focus off the obstacles, aimed clearly at the prize, while inspiring others to do likewise. There’s no turning back.

To live as a Bible-believing Christian in an increasingly hostile world takes courage, conviction, and consecration, while willing to turn one’s back on comfort, convenience, and cowardice. In order to become ‘strong and courageous,’ one needs to learn the Bible, God’s Holy Word. The Book of Joshua records the fulfilment of God’s promise to the children of Abraham to possess Canaan, the land of promise. The exodus was finished, the land possessed, and the covenant with God renewed. All of this was made possible by God and through courage, which He commands

In ‘Be Strong & Courageous: Understanding the Book of Joshua’ you will learn about:

Some classic lessons in courage & leadership;
How to take hold of the promises of God in your life;
The grace and favour of God on a most unlikely person: a Jericho harlot;
How the little things can facilitate great disaster;
Why we must embrace the holy and shun the profane;
How Jesus as our Joshua leads us to our desired haven (Psalm 107:30).