Sure Foundation: Understanding the (Last) Times.


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Sure Foundation: Understanding the (Last) Times.

‘And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do … I Chronicles 12:32f ‘Sure Foundation: Understanding the (Last) Times’ Today’s world faces both major challenges and first-time opportunities. The challenges are so numerous, massive, and unprecedented, that even sincerely motivated, highly intelligent leadership does not know what to do. Solomon himself would be stumped at today’s world. Yet the opportunities presented are the most wonderful in history.

Good news for the God-fearing, Bible believing person: God Almighty knows exactly what to do! If you will take time to ‘understand the times’ – to know not just what is happening but why – God will download to you all the insight you need to navigate through the 21st century. In this timely message, Kameel Majdali shows you how to become a child of Issachar: how to understand the times so you can know what to do (I Chronicles 12:32).

He accomplishes this through the following:
– A look at today’s headlines (the ‘What’);
– Ten Global Trends that explain the headlines (the ‘Why’);
– Bible prophecy is spliced into the trends and headlines (the ‘Understanding’);
– Finally, how to respond to these global trends (the ‘what to do’). Y

You will be given a ‘sure foundation’ on which to base your life. Note: The answer is surprisingly simple. As you listen to ‘Understanding the Times,’ be prepared to be informed and inspired.