Who is Jesus of Nazareth? The Answer Will Change Your Life


Who Is Jesus Of Nazareth? will initiate, build, and/or renew your faith in the only One who
can give you hope and a future.


He is called the leader of human progress and the central figure of Western Civilisation. The year of His birth is the beginning of our modern calendar. Yet who is this special man we call Jesus of Nazareth?

For some, He is a great moral teacher, the ‘founder of Christianity,’ and/or wonderworker. For others, He is a liberator from oppressors, a new-age style guru, a sentimental non-judgmental love figure, and a life-improver.

In an age that longs for identity, the answer to the question: ‘Who is Jesus of Nazareth’ is more than just academic. Your future depends on it!
In this timely book, Kameel Majdali distils the answer to this question into three powerful components. Jesus of Nazareth is:

The Son of David, Son of Man, Messiah;
The Son of God;
The Saviour.

Just one of these identities is world-changing; all three together are guaranteed to rock