Bible Adventure Tour 2018 was an fantastic tour .We had a very knowledgeable tour director Dr. Kameel who explained both Biblical history and current situation in detail on every biblical site we went. I was very satisfied with the biblical places we visited and enjoyed every delicious meal we had throughout the trip with the very skillful coach drivers. I recommend anyone who wants to gain Biblical knowledge about  the places mentioned in the Holy Bible to join the teach all nations inc. as the tour was well organised.

Chris Hou

Could there be a better way to explore Egypt, Jordan and Israel than with an expert on the Bible, history, geography as well as having personal knowledge and experience of the area and understanding of current affairs?

Dr Kameel Majdali has just completed a wonderful 15 day Bible Adventure Tour and we were privileged to be part of his pilgrimage gaining knowledge along with laughter and camaraderie.

A few of the highlights were the balloon ride close to the valley of the Kings, a whole day exploring the highs and lows of Petra before visiting Jericho, then on to magnificently illuminated Manger Square in Bethlehem. Then onward Christian soldiers to fathom the enormity of an acclaimed and yet crucified Saviour in Jerusalem, truly the man of peace for now. Then through coastal Ceasarea and Shilo to the Galilee before visiting Abraham’s norther gate of Dan, where 4,000 years ago Lot was rescued. So much to see and do. We therefore highly recommend a prayerful revue of each days events, with thanks giving, so that every new day becomes a differentiated experience, within the broad panoply of dovetailed experiences. Don’t forget to also charge your tastebuds to likewise give their account!

With our blessings,

Phil & Susan Brabin

Having just  been to the Holy Land we are still trying to process all the information we received. Am so grateful for the whole experience and the teaching was fascinating to say the least. Never imagined we would walk where Jesus walked. We love Jerusalem and vow to pray for the peace she so needs. The scenery was awesome but I never pictured so much wilderness and desert and can now appreciate the Bible stories in their setting. I’d recommend a trip to Israel to anyone who wants  to understand our God more and the life Jesus lived. To top it all we had fun hot air ballooning in Egypt, walked through the corridor of a pyramid, floated on the Dead Sea, sailed on the Sea of Galilee and much more. Truly a trip of a lifetime with lovely fellow Christians. Thank you Dr  Kameel

Lynda and Richard Wareham

As a senior pastor of a growing Baptist church in Australia I can fully recommend a tour with Dr. Kameel Majdali with Teach All Nations.  His knowledge of Middle East current events, the geography of the land and practical Biblical application is outstanding and a real benefit to any pastor wanting to enrich his preaching ministry.  I have gained personally and professionally in each of the three tours that I have completed with Kameel in Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

Pastor Steve HENLEY

I have done 4 tours with Dr. Kameel and my groups enjoyed them thoroughly. Dr. Kameel gave us wonderful insights from the Holy Scriptures at all the biblical places. We had wonderful food and excellent accommodation throughout our tours. I sincerely and without any reservation recommend Dr Kameel wholeheartedly as a tour leader to the Holy Land.

Pastor R. Teo

Our church has taken two life-changing trips with Kameel. His knowledge of the Middle East, and especially the Holy Land, provides a rich backdrop for the experience. In addition to his knowledge of the land and people, his knowledge of the accommodations and travel expertise keeps the costs more reasonable than I have ever seen! I HIGHLY recommend taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Dr. Kameel!

Rev. Kent MANKINS, PhD

It came at a time when I needed to reset my life following the passing of my husband last June.  It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I was so blessed to be able to see so many of the places that I had read about in the Bible.  I am reading the Bible with a renewed vigour now!

I had many ‘Wow’ moments from the time we started our tour, but starting the day in the bus with you leading us in prayer and our singing of praise and worship songs, brought such a presence of The Lord and I am really missing that wonderful fellowship with our group every morning!  I cannot imagine having done this tour without your leadership, rich knowledge and guiding hand enhancing our experience. I didn’t want to miss a moment!

I highly recommend this tour to anyone thinking of making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Your walk with the Lord will become much richer and invaluable to understanding God’s Word.

Thank you Dr Kameel so much.


Having longed to go to Israel for years, the tour I selected did not disappoint! In fact, I would recommend that all devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should go on a pilgrimage with Teach All Nations. When I read the bible now it’s like viewing the stories through a 3 dimensional  lens. The reality of the geography and historical sites is firmly imprinted in my mind’s eye.   When we visited various historical sites, our leader Kameel would gather us under a tree or on a bench and give us a devotional. I’ve already started saving for my next trip!

Lynnette F

I would recommend anyone who wants to deepen their faith, or find out more about Jesus, God’s promises, Israel as the Holy Land, and the End Times to chose Dr Kameel and Teach All Nations.”


The mountain ranges, the living springs, the green pastures, the date palms, the lakes and natural wonders left me awestruck and gave visual splendour to Psalm 23 and other biblical narrative. Dr Kameel’s biblical and historical explanations along the way, and at each site, positively enriched the already spectacular settings.  I had the most amazing experience, only second to being born again and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. I hope to visit Israel again, a piece of my heart has been planted there. Thank you to Dr Kameel, our knowledgeable guides and our trusty driver Bery for facilitating a pilgrimage of the highest standard.

Celeste FOX

We want to thank you for the amazing pilgrimage you led us on, following the steps of the Bible fathers, Jesus and the early church through the land of Israel. Each place we visited was presented in the light of Biblical significance and its personal contemporary application. The tour was well organized and we felt safe and well fed as well as soaked in God’s presence at all times Thank you again for this life-changing experience – we look forward to doing another with you.

Professor Paul & Mrs. Faith GRAY