The Power of Faith: Understanding the Books of Ruth and Esther


In the Power of Faith, you will learn:

How redemption came, despite impossible circumstances.
How a simple confession of faith took Ruth from being a despised outsider to a central and honoured place in her adopted nation.
How the stories of Ruth and Esther can still speak powerfully to us in the 21st Century.
How Ruth, one of the first recorded Gentiles to come to faith, is amongst the first fruits of many more to come.
About the sovereignty of God, even though He is not directly mentioned in the Book of Esther.
How Esther’s victory over Haman and anti-Semitism benefits all people.
How the Book of Esther gives us insight into the modern nation of Iran.

Be prepared to be both instructed and inspired.

Without question, the Books of Ruth and Esther will change your life! And this book can help.




Two Faithful Women

In these challenging times, you will draw insight and inspiration from the lives and stories of Ruth and Esther, and the Bible books that bear their names. Both of them faced seemingly insoluble obstacles and yet, through the power of faith, they came out on top. ‘The Power of Faith provides thorough teaching of both books, together with practical application.