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A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punishedProverbs 22:3; 27:12

One of the wisest, most prudent, most sensible steps you can take today is to become ‘future-ready’ for tomorrow. Being ‘future-ready’ does involve prudence in matters of time management, money management, education, family life, and faith.

As the above verse, which is repeated twice in the Book of Proverbs, teaches, prudence is the key that helps you avoid evil and safely delivers you to the good. Prudence does involve wise foresight in the above issues. Yet there is more.

Prudence (noun): wisdom, sound judgment, shrewdness, common sense. Biblically, it means to seek and apply God’s wisdom in all situations that require it.

Ultimately, the person who faces the future with confidence and is not caught off-guard with the fast-paced changes of today’s world has does the most prudent thing of all: they invest in their spiritual life. They come to God, listen to Him, obey His Word and put His kingdom as their number one priority. Such prudent people will have their needs met physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and eternally.

Welcome to 2018

At Teach All Nations, we want to help prepare you for the future – your God-given future – through the knowledge of Jesus Christ  and obedience to His call.

Our two means of accomplishing this is through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. When both of these are operative in your life, you will have the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and power to walk tomorrow’s pathway.

Hence, our tagline is: Empowering through Word and Spirit.

With these twin goals comes an added benefit: God’s early-warning service. That’s what we get when we exercise Biblical prudence. So, as the above verse says, when we see the evil, we know where to go. If we don’t see it, then we are heading for a crash.

Through our articles, radio programs, high-value resources (some that are free, some at affordable prices), we are here to help you grow in the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of God. You will grow in prudence.

Welcome to our global community of faith.

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